MonoMonday: "High Key" - not Angkor Wat!!

Carolina has chosen "High key or Low Key" for today's MM challenge.

I'm late in posting as we've spent the whole day on a trip to Lindisfarne (Holy Island); Son#2 and his partner came up from Bath yesterday to stay for a week and they chose the venue - having checked the tide timetable and the weather forecast. Both were perfect - we had to cross to the island before 12.45pm (we actually crossed at about 12 noon) and leave after 6pm, and the weather was gorgeous.

We did the usual things - wandered around, saw the Priory, had a picnic lunch, walked to the castle, etc. Rather than post a "standard" Lindisfarne Photo, I decided on these. On the rocky shoreline beyond the castle, visitors have started a craze of building towers out of rocks - from a distance it looks a bit like Angkor Wat (not that I've ever been there, though I wouldn't mind...!). This shows a very small selection of them - there must be hundreds, processed as a Low Key Mono as per the challenge.

Our son and his partner decided to walk back to the mainland while we drove in the car and picked them up later. Whilst waiting for them I had the chance to get some shots of a curlew looking for its evening meal on the mud banks. It was rather far away so even after using my longest lens I've had to crop the photo which I've posted as an extra. The evening light was lovely.

PS It's just been pointed out to me that blipper Jankerman was on the Island at the same time as us!

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