By iaint


Work was tedious, mainly due to the antics of one member of the “team” who does not understand team working. 

Lunch was a bit fraught too, with a very determined seagull aiming to steal my sandwich out of my hand. They are aggressive around here. The Manager came back from her lunch with news of a gull taking a sandwich off a plate at a local cafe. 

It is a shame to be forced to eat inside on account of the weather for most of the year, and then by the rats-with-wings on the few nice days of summer. It is amazing how often you see f*ckwits feeding them.

After work it was a sweaty uphill cycle home, with only one car parked on the cycle path to irritate me. That was followed by 45 sweaty minutes cutting the grass. 

It was good to get my feet up about 7pm. Staying awake until bedtime may be a challenge. 

Blipping was a challenge too. I remembered as I was preparing dessert.  The berries are from Perth, very close to here, but via a supermarket. It reminded me of one of my favourite Edeka adverts. 

Tractor Tuesday

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