An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Wooden Spoon Seagull..


I know it's only three days ago, but I'm struggling to remember what happened!

Oh yes!  Ele and Kenny were supposed come up but Kenny has now succumbed to the sickness bug that's doing the rounds, so that plan was abandoned.

David headed to the golf course, I painted, and Alan headed out and about with Ashleigh and the newest team member Bobbi, who Alan has taken an instant shine to (and by the weirdest coincidence, it turns out that Bobbi's aunt is the breeder Ashleigh bought her dog Tyra from!) 

Everyone had a good day and Ashleigh sent me this photo of one of Seagull Cruise's boats as we have booked a two hour sail on the Fourth and Clyde canal in August, as part of Alan's birthday celebrations.  He is really looking forward to it.

The Seagull Trust has various branches along the canal that offer wheelchair accessible boats.  There are cruises of differing lengths and it's free for users with a disability and their party (donations can be made.)

It is such a great idea. I just hope it's a lovely day so the roof of the boat can be opened up and the sail enjoyed in the open air.

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