hello again

By admirer


Growing in the river Weser. Latin name: Butomus umbellatus.
A real treasure!
The day started grey again, but in the early evening the weather definitively has changed. Blue in the sky, at least.
We worked in the garden in the morning. During a coffee pause I read to Piet Hein my short story. And we talked about the period in which my story took place.
After lunch of course and nap, and after that we walked along the river Weser in the other direction than yesterday. The six sheep were still there, but the landscape had changed a lot. Everywhere the plants were growing terribly high. The meadow where the sheep live, covered with thistles. We walked to a point where we could reach the river and sat on the rocks and the photo shows our view.
My entry of today I will tag widwed170719 with the theme: Treasure, with thanks to BobsBlips who is hosting, and wildwed172, with thanks to Cailleach. Also I will tag it too for the Wild Flower Challenge, with thanks to Miranda1008.

I will give more silly hearts to AmandaT2013, Sallymair, DonnaWanna, laurie54, and NatureWatcher30.

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