What I've Done

By JohnGravett

Partial lunar eclipse

On this amazing week of the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar landing, the Moon itself seems to be joining in. Tonight I looked outside the front door and saw the lunar eclipse on full swing. I ran upstairs, grabbed the camera, tripod and 500mm lens, by the time I had it set up (about a minute) the cloud had obscured the eclipse. I left the camera set up in the front garden for the next hour - and eventually struck lucky, even though the eclipse had largely passed.

Still couldn't let this week go by without some moon involvement. 50 years ago (at the tender age of 11, I followed every minute of the Apollo 11 mission. On the 19th, I remember my Dad waking me up at 2am in order to watch Neil Armstrong  step onto the surface of the Moon. We all clustered round our Black & White TV in the lounge to watch the grainy, snowy picture; but I still remember it as one of the most memorable moments of my life. 

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