If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Collared Dove

It was a toss up between a bird shot and a flower shot.  Yet again the bird won!  At the open gardensa couple of weeks ago we learned of a small nursery out near the East Fell side.  The attraction for us was they had just recieved aa good supply of small conifers just what we were looking for.  So off we went to find Pine Tree Nursery near Glassonby.  A very successful trip rounded off by Ice Cream at Abbott Lodge Jersey Ice Cream.

The Collared Dove is a 20th Century success story.  A bird from India which by 1900 had reached the Balkans.  By 1947 it had reached Northern France.  It took to 1955 before it was in Britain.  By 1959 it had reached the north of Scotland.  Remarkably by 1971 it had reached Iceland.

So the blip is one looking for breakfast at our garden feeding station.

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