The arrival of the fruit trees

Two of my fruit trees arrived today, the dwarf peach and column apple. The dwarf nectarine is still to come. The peach and nectarine will cross pollinate and hopefully produce lots of yummy fruit.

Unlike my other plants these aren't in a polythene bag or plastic pot. Both trees are in a hessian sack with the roots are surrounded by damp sphagnum moss. I think that's because they're dormant.

Once home I undid the sack, added another box of sphagnum moss and dampened it. The sack is secured and I've tethered it beside a downpipe among the ferns to keep it upright in the coming bad weather.

In the photo they're resting with bags of compost before I added more moss and tethered them.

The nectarine didn't turn up with my order and I'm hoping I can source another one locally. I know what I want, it's a matter of finding it.

I'm excited about this :-)

Today's gratitude: For the pleasure and delight my new trees have already given me.

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