Drizzle, mizzle, light rain... whatever you want to call it, there's plenty of it in coastal Canterbury. "Stagnant weather" is another phrase commonly used in weather forecasts.

It's bloody annoying if you wear glasses. On the up side the lawn fertiliser should breakdown.

We had a fire alarm during my pump class this morning. In another part of the building, savouries in an oven for a kids birthday party got out of hand and set the alarm off.

It was a cold wait in 5 degrees while the firemen checked the building. And that was with my down jacket and a hat on.

I did the spin and pump double class and only feel a little hip and back grumpiness now. The next test is how it feels tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, Jasper will emege through his cat door wearing 2 collar bells. One bell wasn't enough for one slow (or deaf) bird today.

Today's gratitude: For the wee fantail that chatted close to me this morning before flitting off around the garden and over the fence. (Another reason to double bell young Jasper).

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