Orange Streak...

We woke up to a storm this morning, complete with thunder and lightening, although the heavy "booming" didn't last long before it moved East out over the lake--the rain continued until about 11:00. We came out from Tom's chemo about 1:15 and the sun was trying to peak through, humidity at 80% and the temps close to 80 as well. Talk about a sauna! I'd brought my camera along so we drove to South Shore Park to look for a subject to use for Abstract Thursdays' theme of "Intentional Camera Movement", but there wasn't a whole lot going on. Just as we were going to leave, along came a young woman in an orange kayak, paddling along inside the harbor. It took me a bit to get the "movement" smoothed out, but I was happy with this one. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AT every week! :))

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