By Bom

Goal Achieved!

I've always loved Kingfishers and have wanted to get a decent photo of one for years. In Milton Keynes I would see them along the brooks, but generally as a flash of blue or I'd get a blurry shot in the distance, H and I went to Sculthorpe Moor today and I not only saw one on a perch for long enough to take half a dozen photos, but I also had my long lens on the camera at the time. What a wonderful sight, such a treat! I've also included a photo of a moorhen and chicks in Extras. 

Kingfisher facts:

- They close their eyes as they dive into the water, so they are fishing blind! 
- They bob their heads before diving to accurately judge the depth of the fish.
- The design of a kingfisher’s beak is aerodynamically efficient, allowing it to dive from its perch, towards its prey, with maximum speed and minimum splash. In fact, the beak design is so clever that the front of many Japanese bullet trains are modelled to mimic it.

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