A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Eda is really getting into the swing of this holiday now. She has been on the beach twice today.
This morning we went on the main Port Bo beach which is the fisherman’s beach. Half way through the holiday we found a sun umbrella in the appt so no worries about shade. Eda managed walking on the beach without too much fuss and she also went on an inflatable body board in the sea which she loved.
In this photo she is running to daddy to do high five on the promenade above Canadel beach just round the promontory. This is where we were heading to eat tonight but the family went onto the beach for another hour before we ate,
Chris and I went for a drink on the headland above the beach - see extra. The restaurant, where we have eaten before, has the yellow shades right on the beach side. You have to get there early for an outdoor table. Great location and seafood. We ate at the far end of the same beach with our friends on Tuesday night while watching the partial eclipse of the moon.
As a matter of interest the pink house at the end of the promontory (far left) is up for sale for €1.6 million and everyone has the right to walk around the front of it!
We’ve enjoyed a lovely meal with lots of fish - yum.
Eda has had frothy warm milk after her beach sessions today. She loves it and gets a great moustache!!

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