Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

A voyage the book bindery and round the camera club.

Boy, has it been wet today.  My hair's frizzed out like candyfloss.  Why did I go into town with no jacket and hood but just a small umbrella?  Because...  No, don't answer that!  Anyway, believe me it was more like swimming than walking at times.

So first I went to the chemist for boring things, then to Sainsbury's for even more boring (but at least edible) things.  Then I finally did what I'd promised my dad 12 years ago just after he died.  Take this copy of a book he gave me to the bookbinder to have a new spine put on it.  It's a wonderful description, written by one of the Captains, of a famous 18th century voyage round the world, with beautiful copperplate illustrations that include creatures of the Galapagos Islands, etc.  I have read it in bits, but never really immersed myself in it because it was so fragile.  You can see here that the front cover and title page have separated themselves completely from the rest of the book.  The back cover is - ahem - removable as well.

And as I knew it would be 6 months before I got it back I decided to make it my blip for today.

After that I went to meet the editor of the camera club handbook to help her with picking up any bloopers in the first stage proofs.  It was a loooong, peppermint tea fuelled, session!

Okay, that's my Friday.  Have a great weekend  xx

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