Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Yes, I wheelie have been to Southampton, I place I'm not fond of and try to avoid, but I was meeting my very good friend and ex-business partner, R, for a coffee and catch-up. 

So of course I got there an hour early to see what was going on in the Guildhall Square, always a good place for a blip.  Today it was a bunch of lads showing how cool they were on their bikes and waiting for a trio of - well, rappers, I think.  We saw a little of what they were up to but I hesitate to put a name on it.

And as I wouldn't call this a sensible way to ride a bike - however cool - I'm tagging it for SillySaturday.  Many thanks to Admirer for hosting ;))

Hope yours was a good one  xx

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