Rain on the River

It was a bit of a novelty waking up to a rainy day but I soon got bored by it! It meant we needed to do housework and I seem to get bored with that fairly quickly. A modern TV sage said recently about housework, 'Why bother, it only gets dirty again', but I think I said that long before him as, I'm sure have plenty other wiseasses.

I received an unexpected gift from the French authorities in the mail today following my recent week in Brittany - a speeding fine. We only used major roads on a couple of occasions and it seems I was caught by an automatic camera on the road approaching the bridge going over the inlet to Brest. I was doing 11kmh (6.7mph) over the limit. Being a law abiding citizen I always turn my speed camera warnings off when I go to France. I wonder now if that's wise? €45 isn't the end of the world but I'd rather it was in my pocket than theirs.

A blip from the window across a rainy river is all we have but it looks like tomorrow should be a better day.

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