Everyday Life

By Julez

Wet Day in Lincoln

Today the weather has been drizzly and dismal from the get-go. We didn't get up too early due to the late night last night, and anyway, there was no real need.

Other than the fact that Brian's been off and fetched his own sausage rolls it's otherwise been a regular Friday. 

I took this photo of the fountain in the Arboretum on my way to town, as it contributed to the falling of water on an already wet day! The rain has done nothing to tone down the humidity

Work tonight was busyish as you'd expect for a Friday. Most of the night there was only Lee and I as Amir has gone off to London for a few days. I'm working tomorrow night too, along with some extra shifts next week to cover for Amir's absence. My boss paid me tonight - in fact he overpaid me! Being the honest employee I am, I returned the over-payment - and accidentally returned £10 too much! I'm hoping he will believe me when I tell him tomorrow!

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