Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

It's warm outside today, but I managed to get some 'gardening' done. I replanted two of the tagetes I bought last Tuesday and emptied pots of dead plants. I also put my cucumbers on top of other pots. I realised that I had unwanted visitors in the pots... snails... So I need to water my plants mid day instead of evening, so the snails don't find my pots so interesting. 
Now I'm inside with my ankle on the cool gel pack. It's a bit cranky so I thought I'd cool it down a bit.
Speaking of cranky... Last Tuesday something rather funny happened while I was working in greenhouse nr 2. There's a blackbird couple nesting amongst the grape wines, high up under the glass ceiling. At first they were a bit annoyed with me working in there, but they soon realised that I'm not a treat and begun to accept my presence. One time the male came and sat on the ledge of the open window. He looked at me, so I made a soft chirping sound and he was looking at me all fluffed up, while I was doing this a couple of times. The female came, sat on the window ledge, looked at me, then looked at the 'husband', made an annoyed bleep to him. His reaction was priceless! He got very 'thin', made a squeak and hurried out the window. I couldn't but laugh at them. She really had him under her 'thumb'!    

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