By HeidiHH


The sea was murderous this morning (and day) even if the picture is very peaceful. I walked to the beach and back this morning. I did go into water, but only knee high and when the waves came they lifted the water to over my waist and that's when I did some floating to cool off.

Most the beaches started with red flags today and nearly all the rest were lifted to red flags during the first hours of life guarding. They have a great Twitter account were I check the beach situation when the weather gets rough. Or when I wanna see pictures of the lifeguards posing the same way in all the pictures. it's hilarious!

We have a new pet in the house so to say. It's actually on the plant pot outside the window ledge. It's a baby gecko! I gave it a water bowl by putting a plastic bottle cap upside down to the pot. I hope it survives. You can see it here:

I also made two dresses today. The first one I have done few times before but with different fabric naturally. The second one I drew today. I like both very much. You can see them here:

The one with knots on shoulders is my afternoon creation!

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