Boys Keep Swinging!

Because I have to work extra shifts next week, we did the main shop for the week this morning. Sunday mornings must be the busiest time in Tesco - it was chaos! Still, we got it all done, home and put away eventually.

Then we had time to have lunch before heading off to meet Jeri and the family at Hartsholme Park. Horatio had an accident earlier in the week, and sustained a slight fracture to his ankle whilst jumping into the swimming pool. Apparently it was too painful for him to manage a walk around the lake, but fortunately it was fine for him to have fun swinging, climbing etc. in the park. A water-fight may also have taken place!

Brian and I had our walk round the lake after Jeri, Paul and the boys headed home. I took my first ever photo of a wild rabbit - see extra! We also saw what we think were newts, but they were not in a suitable place to photograph unfortunately!

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