A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Welcome home crop

We are now home and we’re pleasantly surprised to find our first crop of ‘cut and come again’ lettuce is ready to eat.
Brilliant though we had bought some in Tesco this morning when we went with Grace to help her do a shop. Sadly John took straight to his bed wet we got back from the airport and is still unwell.
I was impressed with Tesco (don’t have one that’s handy around here) as they had boxes of bananas and apples for children to help themselves to whilst shopping. Eda had both!
We got some Cornish potatoes too so will be having those with our lettuce (salad) tonight with some Quiche and Tortilla.
We left when the shopping had been sorted and Grace was setting off to swim with Eda. Not many weeks till we are back in Bristol to see them again.
Thanks PaulaJ for giving me the idea of the lettuce, weve finally got on with it, I’m sure we’re going to enjoy it. The tomatoes have someway to go yet!

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