Desperately seeking

By clickychick


I was waiting for the horse and rider to jump this fence and was surprised when they didn't. Now I can see from the girl's face she was aiming for a different one. I got this jump in Extras.

We're at Penrith Agricultural Show and it has poured down all through the night. I could hear the rain pelting on the caravan roof every time I woke up.

We hadn't been open long when we got a phone call. It was from a lady who'd seen us at Skelton and had really liked "Norfolk Island" (the cropped version - thank you again Kaybee!). She wanted to buy it today but wasn't coming because of the weather and the amount of work back on the farm at home.  All got sorted over the phone. Sale made!

A bit quieter than usual for a show, but there was a bit of sunshine and we had a very pleasant day.

Of course today we're wondering where we were 50 years ago when we saw a man walk on the moon. Easy. I was in trafalgar square, watching on a huge screen!

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