Ragged Around The Edges

I took Finlay out early this morning to try and avoid the predicted heat, but it was still quite warm and very humid so we weren’t out very long. I did manage to grab a photo of this fungus which appears to have been well chewed and is a bit ragged around the edges.

Another busy day, involving a meeting with business and financial advisor and then more fabric stacking and packing. I also made a trip to the bank and had a quick walk around Wetherby.

Time is running out for preparations for Mrs madwill’s TV show on Sunday, so we are also getting a bit ragged around the edges. Mother in law’s house move has also been thrust upon us as the completion has been scheduled for this Thursday so we will have another day looking after her removal.

At least tea is fairly easy tonight as I made a fish pie last night so just have to heat it up and throw some frozen veg in the microwave!

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