By suehutton

Two Horses

William and I stopped at Kirby Muxloe castle on the way to Mummy Meet. Both he and Basil were delighted to be let loose out of doors. I had to make sure I kept very close to Will as there is no fence around the moat and the water is deep. He negotiated the jutting roots of the willow trees around the perimeter extremely well.

Lots of Canada geese in evidence. Their goslings must be well grown by now. At the far side, we saw a group squeeze under the fence to enter the castle grounds. The old heron was on duty. The water lilies have massive leaves but no large flowers yet.

In the end, I chose to use this photo of two horses in the neighbouring field for a blip. William asked me to lift him so that he could get a better view over the fence.

The highlight of the visit was seeing a thrush pick up a snail and bash it against the ground to crush the shell and extract the animal. I've never actually seen that before.

Mummy Meet was back in action today. More children today as the older ones are on their school holidays.

Luckily, cloud persisted through most of the morning so it didn't feel too hot. Lisa brought sweet water melon. William ate five pieces!

Train sets and Thomas books in the afternoon. Will and I had a quiet hour watching Thomas videos on my iPad. Grandad fell asleep.

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