Northern Star

By Lifferz


This morning I was soo tired. I had some odd dreams, none of which I can clearly recall right now, at least they weren’t disturbing ones. I went to bed with a slight headache which felt like it could have been dehydration related, despite drinking loads of water yesterday. It’s going to be just under 40 degrees C today.

I was up at 7:30 refilling my water bottle and saw everyone was about to go for a walk, despite feeling half asleep I went with them and got about 7,500 steps in before 9:30am. It was a relatively short walk but involved climbing up and down several times through a very overgrown forest path.

I got stung by brambles and bitten once by a mosquito near the water at the bottom of the valley.

Spotted a mushroom which was picked and has been identified as edible (in a mushroom book) but I don’t want to eat it as I didn’t like the reaction of 2 local farmers who, on seeing it, started smiling and shaking their heads and gesticulating that if it was eaten then a stomach upset would follow.

Cows featured in this blip were eating their breakfast in the increasingly warm sunshine and look pretty startled to see me and my camera phone!

My plan for today is staying hydrated, reading my book on ‘Burnout’ and resting. I think I may go to the local town to briefly look at an art exhibition but haven’t decided yet! Last full day in this area today

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