By Veronica


I didn't intend this photo to come out like this, but I hadn't set the max ISO high enough, and actually I rather like it. Call it abstract. More conventional photos in extras.

Ecuadorean group Jamin'go provided the entertainment this evening. We could faintly hear them practising during the afternoon and they didn't sound great. We went anyway, because it's free, just behind our house, and a blipportunity. They were much better close to, in fact they were four excellent musicians. Special mention to the guy on the left (extra 1) playing the steel-stringed Colombian tiple, a type of 12-stringed guitar; he was amazing. And the drummer was really good too (second extra).

I think they would have liked more people to dance. The front row was full of cripples like me, although two wheelchair-bound girls bopped enthusiastically from a seated position. The group's interpreter Diana (previously seen here) got up on stage in the end to dance in her precipitous platform shoes, and managed to persuade a few more people to join in. Lively rhythms from around South America had feet tapping even among the staidest non-dancers..

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