Wearing purple...

By 60plus

I gather we have a new leader...

...maybe it won't be too long before it's the end of the line...

Another great selection of derelict blip this week – thanks for joining in folks ;)

I’ve sort of gone for a rusty theme for hearts this week – but added a few Honourable Mentions that I couldn’t pass over  this week too... There could have been more...

Hearts etc for DS150 as follows:

laurie's rusty joint

Perfectpotus's rusty railing post

stevvi's about to be rusty pink bike

Terrifo's rusty machinery

Angel's Share's rusty window frame

And Honourable Mentions this week too, as follows:

Dolly's worn gravestone

rmeinz's treasure chest

evolybab's derelict farm

admirer's flaky paint

YellowBalloon's muddy Tyne detritus

And it’s DS151 all this week... join in... go on, you know you want to...

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