Made an early-ish start today as I was expecting a parcel delivery.  It came in good time so I could go to Fitness Class this afternoon.  We were in the small church hall which was hot and stuffy so we were all flagging long before the session ended.

After Fitness I nipped into the nearby churchyard where I took my blip shot.  The Mono Monday theme is High Key/Low Key. I'm not exactly sure what these terms mean so I just took a shot of a gravestone which might fit for Low Key perhaps. Thanks to  Carolina for hosting

I have also tagged it for Derelict Sunday ( hosted by 60plus ) as the gravestone is very worn and weathered.

Musical link GRAVE by Thomas Rhett

Bit of shopping before returning home to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.  Its been a really lovely warm sunny day.  Perfect weather really.  Hope it continues.

Slimming Club this evening.  Gained another 2 pounds.  Surprised it wasn't more as I didn't stick to the healthy eating at all last week.  Back on " plan " now so I'm hoping for a loss next week.

Steps today -  12,923

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