Derelict Allotment

Nice lazy day today.  Watched more TV.  Did some washing.  Did some mending.  The weather was lovely so I decided to go for a short walk to stretch my legs.  I went out the back way and through the allotments. 

The allotment in my collage is the one directly outside my house.  Its been unused for around 4 or 5 years - just being left to rot. Its such a shame.  I peeped through the gap in the door to get my photos. Thanks to 60plus for hosting the Derelict Challenge.

Musical link - The ALLOTMENT Song by Johnny and the Raindrops.

Well done to the England Cricket team for winning the World Cup.  Such a tight match.

14th July1981 is the day my Mam Connie passed away at the young age of 56.  Remembering her today as always.  Photo in Extras is my Mam and me taken in Chase Park  - where I took Fridays blip shot.

Steps today - 7,461

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