Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a busy sort of day. Phone call this afternoon from a nurse at Health Centre to do my yearly check up.  Usually when I have my check up they measure my blood pressure and take blood and do some tests.  So that couldn't happen this year.  The nurse asked a few questions and the call was over in about 5 mins.  Rather pointless but I guess they just need to tick a box to say my annual check up has been done. Of course she did say if I had any concerns to contact the surgery.

Then I set off to walk to the village post office... had to return something I bought online that didn't fit.  No sooner had I got out of my back gate when I was confronted by 3 screaming children. They live 2 doors down. Their Mam L was there too.  They are the family I speak to quite often.  The children were having fun in the back lane letting off steam. I had a chat with L for a bit and then headed off to the post office. 

It should have been a quick in and out but there was an * old lady ahead of me who proceeded to talk for over 10 mins about the letter she was posting.  It was a letter of complaint to the Passport Office.  So I had to listen to her tale of woe about a passport which was applied for before lockdown, her various phone calls to passport office etc, etc, etc.  All the time I was itching to get served.  And I was served in less than a minute.

*This lady was wearing a face mask in the street but as soon as she entered the shop she took it off.?????? Not sure she has grasped the reason for wearing a face mask.

Then to the churchyard for my blip shot,  The Wide Wednesday challenge to day  is " a worms eye view  " set by Steveng.  I " sneaked " round the back of St Mary's Church to get my photo.  I was looking up at the gargoyles.

" Gargoyles are decorative, monstrous little creatures, perched along the roofs and battlements of buildings and castles. They have a practical purpose as spouts, enabling rainwater to drain off the roof and gush through their mouths,  However they were also intended to strike fear into the hearts of ill-educated peasants, scaring them into the church or cathedral. "

Musical link THINGS ARE LOOKING UP- by Fred Astaire

As I was coming home through the back lane I met another neighbour walking her dog.  Normally I would be glad of a chat but it was getting near to 6pm.... and the football match I was due to watch kicked off at 6pm.  I did linger for a quick chat and then hot footed it back home.

Quickly got online on my PC and entered the codes which enabled me to watch the match on BT Sport ( Newcastle United sent me a free pass as Im a season ticket holder ) In the end I only missed the first 4 mins of the match.

However around 5 mins later my Morrisons order arrived ( I had done the online shop  a couple of weeks ago and didn't realise my delivery would clash with the footie ).  I just left the shopping in the hall and dashed back to the match.

Newcastle were at home to Spurs.  Newcastle played better in the first half but were still one nil down at half time.  Even though they pulled a goal back in the second half they played poorly - especially in defence and the final score was Newcastle 1 Spurs 3. 

So after the match I had to wash all the shopping and put it away.  Then I made my meal and was eating it around 9pm.   Finally time to relax.

Steps today -8,872 ( 3.48 miles )

CORONA CLASSIC - James Last Orchestra: "Waltz à gogo".

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