Had a doctors appointment this afternoon.  Blood test result from Friday was back and it showed potassium levels were OK.  But the doc did mention a few things which were high in potassium which I may need to cut down on in future - bananas, oranges and tomatoes for example. He also mentioned Lo Salt - a salt substitute which I said I did use instead of salt.  So he said to bin that and not use any salt at all.  This one thing might be enough to sort potassium level out permanently without cutting back on those types of fruit and veg - or altering the blood pressure medication I'm on which could also be the cause. I wouldn't mind giving up bananas and oranges so much but tomatoes are another matter.  I love them and eat loads of them.   So the doc wants me to have another blood test in a fortnight to check whether there's any change.

After my appointment I did a bit of food shopping.  Then home to sit outside in the sunshine for a while. 

When I went to put some bird food out I found this magpie's feather on the ground so decided to blip it. Thanks to osuzanna for hosting the Tiny Tuesday challenge.

Musical link MAGPIE by The Unthanks.  Anyone remember the childrens TV  programme called Magpie.?  It was ITV's  rival to  Blue Peter. It ran from 1968 to 1980.  My favourite presenter was Mick Robertson.

Steps today - 7,060

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