By MsQuizzical

Holy Heatwave Batman

Ollie dog and I were greeted by two freshly shorn ewes when we went for our early walk. Our grass is greener than that in their field so they'd broken free from the farm and their motherly duties. They seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. :) (Extras)

It was much too hot for a proper dogwalk. We spent the afternoon in the shade between an old coppiced hedge and a block of glasshouses. This hoverfly kept returning to the same perch, which was catching a shaft of sunlight through the leaves. I think it's Myathropa florea, also known as the Batman hoverfly because of the shape on its thorax. I've noticed the bright lemon hairs on these before and was interested to read that their colouring is much brighter when they develop in hot weather.   

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