By Kipsie

It's not only hoverflies that hover

This is Scaeva pyrastri - the Pied Hoverfly who's been busy busy hovering in my garden, whereas I've been busy busy hovering in my garden, the allotment, & George & Jean's garden today. I only went to the allotment to top up my compost bin with my kitchen waste, then I spotted some runner beans that I'd missed picking yesterday, those picked, I then picked a few more peas, courgettes, sweet peas, broad beans & rhubarb. I read somewhere yesterday that if I cut the broad bean plants back to side shoots near the  base  & give a feed I might get a small crop later in the season. Well I reckon that's worth a trial. I don't need the space at the mo.
Poor old George is so wound up by the action of his new neighbours, it's making him & Jean's life very stressed. The newbies next door have cut down a boundary leylandii hedge, replacing it with some very healthy decent sized laurel, which I think will soon grow up and make a good replacement, but they have also knocked 2"x2" upright posts in & run wires along. It's a bit of "this is my boundary". Such a pity for them to get so upset over it but every time they go out of their door it's there, winding George up. George & Jean have a lovely garden full of super plants, mainly herbaceous perennials, some really unusual, whereas THE neighbours have lots of annual bedding plants & hanging baskets, & very high maintenance manicured lawn.  "Anybody can go to the garden centre, buy hanging baskets and put up a show". He's not happy!. Jean's going to take him on the Ring & Ride to Newton Abbot tomorrow. Hopefully a couple of hours away will cheer him up.
Ironing this afternoon.
Bit of gardening.
Sat & watched a couple of quiz shows before making dinner.

Thanks to osuzanna for hosting

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