By JackyMT

Bird bath

Whilst clearing the garage we came across this it was very rusty so paula cleaned it all up and painted it with hammerite bought some new gold chain and now we have to find somwhere to hang it.

Gosh its been hot today. Had to go shopping to Morrisons and a walk with Molly on the park then take the other two and it was really hot, so we went to the woods where its cooler.

I went to the chemist for our medication today the prescriptions were put in to doctors a week ago last sunday and she said oh sorry they haven't been done yet I said very loudly "WHAT its over a week they were supposed to be ready on the 19th." " Well can you come back later and we'll get them ready" she says "No " said me " I'm not coming out again in this heat, I'll call tomorrow" I can bet there wil be something missing too that they will have had to order in. Honestly I dont wonder people frequently refer to them as useless.

Hope tomorrow is a bit cooler.

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