A very violent thunderstorm broke around us at 3 a.m. - some spectacular lightning and long rumbles of thunder. As a result I ‘overslept’ and didn’t get up until 6!

A busy day (just for a change!) - meeting up with daughter and granddaughters at ‘Meadowhell’ - whose one redeeming feature was the cool(er) air inside!

Little free time to blip - apologies for the cursory comments and stars, I literally skimmed through all your journals first thing. Grabbed a shot of the fuchsia tub - with the raindrops still clinging on

Home by mid afternoon and now we are off to the studio to carry on making and packing kits for Mrs madwill’s TV show on Sunday. We are trying to build up plenty of stock ahead of transmission so that we are not rushed into trying to despatch parcels and make new stuff at the same time.

Thursday is also moving out day for Mrs madwill’s mother - so we will be making one last trip up to Darlington on what looks like being the hottest day of the week/month/year!

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