Striped Field

On my (solo) walk this morning I spotted the striped field in the distance and recognised it as the field that I was at the other day for my combine harvester photo.

I decided to walk closer to get a shot of it and arrived as it was catching the sunlight. For my combine shot I was standing near to the last power line pole near the centre of the image. As you can see the combine had a fair hill to climb before it came into view. It was on the first run up the hill at the far right of the field.

Washing today - a good outside drying day. Finlay has had another three days rest - seems to be improving. May have a short walk with him tomorrow.

Not sign of that bl***y squirrel for almost a week now - really cross that it just turned up, destroyed my bird feeders and then bu***red off after I bought three new (expensive) squirrel proof ones.

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