By Missycat

A lazy day

The heatwave has continued here in S E England and today being her first day of the Summer Holidays, Violet wanted to do 'nothing', which is exactly what we did - more or less!.  Some of you may recall that Tinkerbell was diagnosed with a sarcoma at the end of May and frankly neither we nor the vet expected her to be still with us two months later.  Her  tumour was initially very quick growing but has changed little.  She has pain management meds each day and is currently enjoying some quality days.  In this warm weather one of her favourite spots is sunbathing on the front room windowsill and today she spent several hours there.  We are not complacent: previous experience has taught us to be very aware of looking for any signs of distress and to act upon it when the time comes.  In the meantime it is good to see her content.

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