Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Take me to your leader...

I can't get enough of the dragons this summer.  And today's outing provided loads of interesting odes - get it?  Loads of Odes...  

Anyhoo... this particular dragon is a first for me, and a bit of a rare find in it's small range.  It is a large dragon of tiny forest streams.  The stream this one, and several other males, were hunting wasn't even 18 inches wide, barely a stream really, and less than a quarter mile long.  Now you start to see why they are rare - there isn't much habitat for them.  I had tagged along with two friends after the main walk this morning, both of them experts on odes.  George netted this fellow and got him in hand so that we could all get a good close look.  What a beauty.  

The list of creatures we saw today was quite long, and there were a lot of photos to sort through when I finally got home.  I've posted three other shots on Flickr, starting HERE with a dorsal view of this dragon.  Followed by a flying darner (hawker) and a prickly caterpillar.

I'm planning to meet up with two guys from the group on Friday for what I hope will be a very exciting adventure.  Stay tuned...

Hubs and I released Monarch # 1 this morning, in honor of Hubs' brother who has been gone nearly 3 years.  Five more chrysalids are in the queue now, along with five more caterpillars.  And that doesn't take into account what's in the garden...The Season is upon us...

That's all for me today.  Thank you for stopping by.


On depression...According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world have depression.  That's a pretty amazing number.  And for people like me who are in that 300 million...well, it makes us realize that we certainly aren't alone!

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