Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A Daring Rescue

Faced with the choice of a nap or a little macro safari, I chose the latter.  It didn't seem as hot today, but after I was out for a while, I realized that the humidity was still very high. But, in for a penny and all that.  I stalked all sorts of interesting invertebrates around several nearby fields.  And along the way, I saw this meadowhawk trapped in a long strand of spider web with no spider in sight.  Not being able to resist, I set about disentangling the dragon.  She, of course, didn't know I was trying to help so she tried to nip my finger.  I was expecting it, so never flinched.  And, eventually I was able to get her free.  She sat for a moment on my thumb (yes, dirt under the nails, can't be helped) allowing for a couple of quick one-handed shots with the macro lens, before lifting off to continue her short life.

I took the opportunity of being at one of the satellite AOG stadiums to check in with some of the contestants.  Shockingly, I interrupted three members of Team Longhorn Beetle in flagrante delicto.  Larry Longhorn scampered off in disgrace so I'm not sure if we'll be seeing him at all in the upcoming games.  Then, I had to issue a stern warning to Team Lady Beetle when I discovered this unfortunate situation.  Not that I was expecting great things from Team Aphid, but still... I'm wondering if the other Intrepid AOG Reporters are seeing similar shocking displays?

If you missed it, I have put the details for the upcoming AOG (Alternative Olympic Games) HERE in Community.  Please spread the word!  And in the leadup to the official Opening Day on 1 August, tag your pre-game interviews and reports #aog2020.  Still looking for volunteers for the Judging Panel, too - all you have to do is take a peek at daily entries and give out some stars, hearts and comments to your faves.  

On the Covid 19 front, things in the US continue to be dire; although in my home region of New York and New Jersey, infections and transmissions continue to be well controlled.  Still, my advice remains the same ... stay safe, mask up, be kind, be loving.


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