Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Big News from a Tiny Jumper

I was out in the AOG NJ stadium this morning, watching some of the athletes practice which gave me a chance to catch up with Team Jumper.  They are working hard on their Pouncing routine.  And although they are looking very fit, I do have a concern about Team Captain Tiny, seen here.  Although he assured me that he was merely "jumping", he landed alarmingly close to a Sweat Bee on a nearby flower.  I reminded him that eating other athletes is not acceptable.  We'll see...

Meanwhile, Tiny looked through the TinyTuesday entries with me and commented that he was sure glad photography wasn't an AOG event because he couldn't possibly compete with all of you.  In no particular order, Tiny Jumper Hearts go to 
AH14 for a magical hi-key butterfly
Freyjad for a pollen coated bee on a perfect teasel blossom
Doyle22 for a lovely keepsake with a dash of brilliant bokeh
DawgGal for once again making me laugh out loud with her Tinies
EHelena for a really cool macro of a bit of rope

And Tiny Jumper HM's to...
Stiffknees for an extremely fuzzy bee frolicking in clover
KeenKen For a most adorable tiny cat
Momcat1 for an amazingly tiny spider with equally tiny prey
Missycat for her tiny granny taking a much-deserved break
JDO for her lovely orange-bummed bumble bee (try saying that five times fast)

Next week's tag is #TT270

And please click HERE to read the guidelines for the upcoming AOGs!  Still looking for judges, so what are you waiting for?

Be safe. Be kind. Be loving.


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