By CleanSteve

A cabbage white entertaining me

Normally the sight of cabbage white butterflies is annoying as it means my green vegetables are likely to suffer from caterpillar attacks. But this year I don't have any growing so I can sit back and watch them as butterflies.

My regular recuperating perch just inside the open sliding back doors has been getting rather hot these last few days. When the sun isn't shining on the plants just outside early in the morning, it is shining through the doors but I can tolerate that. It means that I don't suffer blown out whites on such butterflies, when I try to catch them flying. Unfortunately the shadowy light meant I had to rather stretch the ISO resulting in this grainy look, but today I don't mind. I like seeing them in flight and today I managed to include the first tomato plant flowers as well. There is already one tiny green tomato much to Helena's surprise, and to J.'s, who gave us the tiny tomato plants to pot on just before I went into hospital.

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