Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Bird's Eye View

I think I finally got to bed at 1:30 last night or this morning! The alarm was set for 5:40, but G was awake before then. There was a bit of an incident not being able to find the Uber driver. For some reason, he parked in a bay, something I didn't expect. I shouldn't have bothered calling for one as there were loads of taxis out and about.

We sailed through the airport and despite how it looked, were over 6 kgs under the baggage allowance! Argh! Anyway, a good flight over. G had the window seat and managed to get a few shots of Dubai as we left. In my blip, you can see International City and Dragon Mart.

G also had a very vandalised TV screen!! Some passenger tried to draw a Union Jack on it! We got moved a seat along the row or rather, the other passenger in the row got moved, meaning we had an empty seat. Unfortunately, there was a bit of vandalism even in the new seat, so after the lunch service was cleared, we both got put into Premium Economy!

We landed ahead of schedule and got to our car hire desk. A new company this time; there was an hour's wait for the model we wanted, so we didn't leave the airport until nearly 5pm. We headed straight to the O2 shop on Guildford High Street as having both switched to Android phones, we needed new SIMs. That done, we did a food shop in M&S and finally got home just before 7, only to discover, I forget to bring my special milk for tea with me, so back in the car and a quick drive to the Co-op in Shere!

The Lodge looks fab thanks to our friends who help us so much with it! It's been a long but very good day, and it's GREAT to be in temperatures in the lower 20s!

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