Gym, more cooking and then golf this afternoon.
Thank heavens it's Friday, phew.  
Whilst creating these Thai Chicken Pies today I envisaged they may look a little tulip like - upon cooking they aren't quite.  :))
Our son and his family are moving house tomorrow and a request came through for the pies.  I've made twenty and there are another twenty to go.

Pooped tonight as last night I sat up and watched the Tour.  How exciting and they amaze with their ability.  I would love to watch it tonight but I'm fading fast.

The extra is the plant belonging to the flower I posted for Flower Friday last week.  Some of you may be interested in seeing the whole plant.  There were three flower heads last week - only one this week.  I'm hoping someone might know what it is.

Have a fab weekend and live it to the max.  

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