Candles in Church

Back to the County Museum today for a church service harking back to the Middle Ages. Lots of beautiful music and Latin texts with Jan sharing the singing with Karin, often with the congregation joining in with a chorus. S was providing the religious input. Originally a free church pastor, later studied to be a Church of Sweden priest, now providing prayers and a sermon that could have been Catholic but without offending any Protestant ethics - not an easy task!  "Pilgrimage" was his theme.
Before the service Karin was lighting the candles, and as always there is a special feeling when the warm glow of candles is the main source of light in the hall.
The church is also "in the style of" the Middle Ages, built in 1920 for the museum. The paintings (also in extra) look fairly genuine but when you look carefully they are all suitable for the Protestant church, rather than the Catholic pictures found in the genuine churches. (No saints or martyrs here please!)

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