31 degrees in Edinburgh

Even a fan in my face at my desk on campus today was not enough to shield me from the intense city heat. By late afternoon it was 31 degrees at my end of town. When I stepped out of the office to head home it was as if I was walking into the full blast of a fan heater. What is the opposite of 'wind chill', I wonder?

I worked hard today on the planning of my teaching for next semester. Deciding what should go where and when always takes so much longer than you might imagine. (Now Dr) Frances came to lend a hand when I wanted to copy over some of the online resources that we used last year from the 2018/19 module pages on the VLE to the new site for 2019/20. This could well be the last time we work together on campus: Frances cleared her desk today [sob].

This evening we took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed a jolly barbecue with Jack. (Katharine couldn't make it because she had a prior engagement with her former work colleagues.) Like this time last week, this Thursday also felt like a Friday.

My blip, snapped on my walk home, shows what becomes of the Meadows in hot weather. It's quite a contrast to the view in the snow or rain.

Exercise today: walking (18,810 steps).

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