59 and a bit more

By 59


... weather in France interrupted the TDF. A very interesting stage. You can’t ride a bike through these sort of conditions.

We had Maddy for most of the day today. I was sewing when she arrived so I let her have a go with my machine. She spent hours making some “things” which I called samplers. She got into trouble about every five minutes but had a great time and learnt lots of new skills. Tomorrow she is going to a Physie comp in Sydney and Thursday is returning to play with the school ( recorder) at the Sydney Opera House. What a great experience. It’s really nice when the kids enjoy their activities. She also won the school spelling competition so will go on to the next level against other schools. Very proud.

Tomorrow while she and her parents are away we are minding Leo. It’s a long day for him and we offered in case he wanted to stay here. An early arrival at 6am....

Now I’m staying up to watch the race ...silly me?

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