Rodents rule

By squirk

The Grapes of Streatham

I had one mission today – to go to Streatham Library and borrow a couple of books. The books in question were on the shelf according to the library website. However, they weren't there. Vanished. The librarian was very puzzled and did a grand job of looking high and low. Oh well. I did find another couple of books that look like they will help with a job later on in the week.

The walk to the library and back was a long circular route that was unremarkable for the most part. Even though Streatham's just over the hill, I visit it rarely. This is the first time I've seen grapes on the scary path, though. I must return to see if they ripen.

My evening has been spent eating cheese and biscuits and watching Strange Things, Season 3. 

The big news of the day is that it rained and the cat stayed asleep throughout, crossing his legs. The rain is very welcome – we were all parched.

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