July progress report.

Coming along nicely since the last blip which was early June.

Still a very large amount to do. Trees to plant on the scenery, the hill on the right needs vegetation, rocks, footpaths and a mountain restaurant. The village needs a cobbled square, green and pond and a road out between the two hills. The railway needs station platforms and ballast. There may be a view of icy peaks on the board at the back. And then there are people and cows to add plus many details.
Mrs K. Is doing great work on the electrical control panel. And she has sold a lot of Lego to pay for this.

If anyone is interested I have made all the buildings from plastic and card kits. Mrs. K. Has made the hills from old surplus polystyrene blocks with plaster impregnated cloth covering.

Still need a name for the village. It is an imaginary Swiss one. Possibly Blippensberg, but I welcome any suggestions.

Its all fun for days when the rain never stops.

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