Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Tunnel junk

Rather a mixed day today. I spent some time outside this morning potting up bulbs and filling more pots around the front door then made up a picnic and set off for the tunnels in Glen Lonan. Half-way there and the heavens opened - floods across the road an' all! It had eased off by the time I got there and I picked some runner beans (which I really should have done a week or so ago) dug up the rest of the 'Bambino' potatoes accidentally left from last year, cut some sticks to support the cucamelons and did some weeding.

In the middle of the tunnel where I have my solitary bed is a 'shed', if a space without a roof can be called a shed! It's where the other two guys keep all their 'stuff', from growing seedlings, toolboxes, pots, drying onions, a gas stove, a fruiting vine and everything else under the sun. I did a bit of rearranging to make a more compact Blip!

As the rain had stopped I drove the slow route along Glen Lonan, though the Highland 'coos', past Sitka spruce which appears to be suffering from Phytophthora, and down the 'back way' to the Walled Garden at Glencruitten, where I hand-mined some 'Maris Piper' potatoes, put up some support wire and planted some pots of peas along it.

I was glad to get home and put on some dry clothes! Runner beans and potatoes for dinner tonight!

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