Big Wheel

Having got home after 11pm last night, I couldn’t quite believe I was waiting on the bus to work at 7am this morning.  My plan for the day was to deal with the mountain of emails waiting on me, I made a start then got dragged into a meeting, which provided a bit of a helpful catch up.  It was then back to the e-mails before two further meetings.  I came away from the second one with a load of work that needed to be done this afternoon.  That meant the emails have to wait until I am back in the office on Wednesday, which is not ideal.  I had also planned to leave earlier than I would normally do on  a Monday, but that didn’t happen.

I was quite weary by the time I got home.  TT who had had the day off was also weary, he had been trying to tame the garden today, which has become jungle-like while we have been away.  BB was off at football training.  Lack of child care tomorrow, means I have another random day off.  Hurrah!  I might try and make a start on my back blipping.

It has been a grey day today and damp at times, though not cold.  I did feel the need to wear a jacket and take my raincoat though.  Edinburgh is busy and gearing up for the festival.   The big wheel has arrived, but look at the state of the gardens.  I think work is still in progress.

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