By Teasel


We had to set the alarm again today, as BB had football training.   TT gave him a lift there as he would never have made it otherwise, but he was told he would have to walk home.  He then came and asked me to  pick him up, but I told him I was busy!  He had to walk home, but it is only a fifteen minute walk – maximum.  I then went out for a wee walk, as it was such a lovely morning.  Later I made a picnic and once BB was home, showered and changed, we headed to Melrose.  We had our picnic in the lovely Priorwood Garden, then had a wander around Harmony Garden, followed by a river walk.
When we got back into Melrose we all had ice creams, which we had earned!
Later BB had his gardening, and we had a late tea once he was home.  He was tired after all his exertions.
This is the Chain Bridge over the River Tweed. The extra shows the notices on the bridge.

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