By Teasel

Richmond Falls

We had to be out of the house and away by 9.30am.  we didn’t quite make it, it was nearer 9.45am by the time we left.  We were heading down the A1 to visit TT’s mum, the first time since January.  We stopped off in Northumberland and picked up a pre-booked picnic and continued on our way.  There was a lot of traffic on the road and all in all our journey was slow.
We had planned to sit in the garden with our picnic, but although it was sunny, it was really windy and not very warm, so we decamped into the kitchen.  She was quite happy for us to be in the house, but we had to make sure BB was also happy – as he had been very anxious at my mum and dad’s on Saturday.  However food was on the table, so he was at the table – and it was an amazing spread, far too much for lunch.  It was lovely to see Grandma.  She is doing well and is looking well, even though she has been on her own and was unwell during lockdown.
She had a couple of jobs for TT to do, which he got on with.  Later we three went out for a walk by the river  and back through town.
All too soon it was time for us to head home.  Hopefully we will manage to get down again before too long and be able to stay over, as six hours in the car is not much fun.  I did manage to finish my book though – Reasons to Live by Matt Haig, an enlightening and easy read about depression and mental illness.
Once home, TT finished off his picnic, BB declared he had eaten too much over the last few days and wasn’t hungry (unheard of), and I had some toast.  BB did have some toast later on!  TT watched a movie and I went to bed, exhausted after sitting in the car for so long.
Richmond Falls after the rain of yesterday.

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